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January 1st, 2011

Carpet Doctor inc. has served the Tampa Bay area for 14 years, We started carpet cleaning  in Brandon Fl and now serve Tampa and all surrounding areas.

Carpet Doctor does more than Clean carpet and tile, our Tampa carpet cleaners clean upholstery too.

Next time you have Carpet Doctor clean your carpet or tile consider having your furniture cleaned as well, clean carpet and furniture go hand in hand.

Carpet Doctor will make your furniture look and smell like the day it arrived at your home.

Your furniture is part of your home, it is the couch you nap on or the recliner you watch your favorite TV shows on while resting your feet.

Just like your carpet and tile, upholstery will get soiled from constant use. The good new is that just like your carpet we can clean and renew your upholstery to show room quality.

Carpet doctor uses truck mounted equipment that produces high heat and powerful suction that will clean your furniture like no other method.

So if you live in Tampa, Brandon,Riverview or any surrounding areas of Florida give us a call to set up an upholstery cleaning today.

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