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January 13th, 2011

A fresh smelling stain free carpet makes a great first impression.

Nothing will turn a prospective buyer or tenant off more than a dirty carpet.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Tampa FL, to clean your carpet, a well trained carpet cleaner will know all the grooming techniques to make you carpet look like new.

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Carpets When Selling Your Home

Ask Anyone Who Has Sold Their Home And They Will Tell You How Difficult And Time Consuming The Process Is.  Ensuring The Home Is As Presentable As Possible Is Just One Small But Very Important Task To Be Completed. During An Open-House Many Potential Buyers Will Be Viewing Your Home And How Clean The Residence Is Could Make A Huge Difference In The Purchase Prices Offered. 

Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company in Tampa Fl May Be An Extra Expense However Doing So Will Prove To Be An Investment That Could Make You Thousands Of Dollars.

Clean Carpets Will Present Better Which Will Ensure A Quicker Sale For Several Reasons.  For One, Dirty Carpets Equate To A Dirty Home In The Mind Of Buyers. Also, Dirty Carpets Often Emit Odors.  A Smelly And Dirty Home Will, Of Course, Be A Turn Off To Potential Buyers.

If You Aren’t Quite Ready To Sell Your Home It Is Important To Note That Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned At Least Every Six Months And Vacuuming Your Carpets Approximately Three Times Per Week Will Help To Ensure That Your Carpets Remain In Tip Top Shape.

There Are Certain Areas Of The Home That Tampa Carpet Cleaners Should Focus On When A Home Is Being Prepared For An Open House.  Obviously, High Traffic Areas Should Be Given Special Attention Because Those Are The Areas Where Potential Buyers Will Most Likely Be. Also, Stairways Are An Important Area To Which Special Attention Should Be Applied. Hopefully The Carpet Cleaning Company That You Hire Will Be One Of The Professional Choices And Therefore Stairs Will Be Included (Otherwise, Some Companies May Charge You A Dollar Amount Per Stair).  Since Potential Buyers Will Be Walking Up And Down Them, Stairs Should Be Cleaned Well. 

It May Be Important To Note That Having The Upholstery Cleaned Prior To An Open House Holds Value As Well.  Though The Furniture Will Probably Not Be Sold Along With The House, Cleaning Upholstery Will Also Make The Home Seem Fresher And Will Help Alleviate Any Possible Odors That Emit From The Dirt And Mold Found Within The Fabric.

Lastly, Don’t Forget To Hire A Carpet Cleaning Company in Tampa Fl To Clean The Carpets Of Your New Home Before Your Move-In Date.  It Is Always Beneficial To Have The Cleaning Done Before You Move In Because No Furniture Will Have To Be Moved.

When Selling A Home Presentation Is Everything. 

Hopefully These Tips Will Help Ensure You Get The Best Price For Your Home.  Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company in Tampa Florida May Cost A Nominal Fee But Again, It Will Prove To Be A Very Worthwhile Investment.

Good Luck!

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