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A good tip to help your carpet dry faster

June 22nd, 2011

You have just had your carpet professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and it is damp and you want it dry.

The secret to a quick drying carpet after a Tampa Carpet cleaning is simple and easy.

Set your air conditioner to a temperature that keeps it running

An air conditioner is basically a large dehumidifier so when it is running it will lower the humidity in your home causing the water in your carpet to evaporate quickly.

Once your carpet has been cleaned and the cleaning company is out the door crank that air down and cut the drying time in half. The faster your carpet drys the sooner you can get back to enjoying your carpet, also a wet carpet can attract dirt if walked on by dirty feet.

There are other thing that can be done to help speed up the drying time like putting fans on the carpet or opening windows that will create a cross breeze but nothing will help with the drying time more than the good old air conditioner, that is if your Valrico carpet cleaning was properly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa who properly extracts as much water out of the carpet as possible during the cleaning process.

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