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Carpet Cleaning Sun City Fl

June 2nd, 2011

Carpet Cleaning Sun City Fl

Carpet Doctor inc. offers Carpet cleaning services to Sun City Fl

Carpet Doctor provides excellent carpet and tile cleaning to all of Sun City Fl, we have many specials to choose from that will please any Sun City resident.

Whole house carpet cleaning- $99.00

Up to 2000 sq ft. of carpet (furniture moving not included)

Deep cleaning included!

This is a great carpet cleaning special for any Sun city Resident.

Tile and Grout Cleaning- 35 cents per sq. ft.

Clean and renew your tile and grout back to new like condition. This is a great Cleaning special for Sun City Fl.

Carpet cleaning in Sun City Fl has always been a pleasure because of the wonderfull residents. Our Carpet Cleaners in Sun City Fl take great pride in offering first rate customer service with one goal in mind, to make you a customer for life. Sun City Fl is an ideal community for retirement living and having a clean carpet is all part of the experience, Regular carpet cleaning in Sun City florida will extend the life of you carpet and make every day that much more enjoyable.

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