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Why Two Doormats Are Better Than One

September 11th, 2010

Few people realize the benefits of doormats. Most people only have one doormat, either outside or inside their home.

Read on to discover how much money (and hassle) you can save by spending $40 or less on doormats.

A clean carpet starts by keeping as much dirt outside and off your carpet.

Doormats are a key component to keeping your carpets looking like new.

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

A waterproof doormat should be used outside your home and a plush doormat should be used inside.

It’s that simple.

The doormat outside your front door should be one that does not hold moisture. We recommend WaterLoc doormats for outside use. They can be found at any home improvement store throughout the Tampa bay area .

Keep the doormats clean and they will extend the life of your carpet substantially.

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