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Hot Water extraction kills fleas

November 2nd, 2010

Carpet Doctor Inc. prides itself on being the best carpet cleaner in Tampa Fl, From carpet to tile cleaning we do it all.

We use the best equipment on the market, this equipment produces extreme heat that no flea can survive.

With Carpet Doctor of Tampa Bay you can get your carpet cleaned and your fleas eliminated at the same time, all for the price of a carpet clean.

Let Carpet Doctor kill your fleas!

Even if you do not have a pet, fleas can infest your home and are very difficult to exterminate. The common flea in the US, the cat flea or Ctenocephalades Felix survives on the blood of cats and dogs and also any other mammals, humans included, and even some birds. It has a life cycle of anywhere from a few weeks to two years. If you visit an area where there are stray cats, like an old barn or shed, there is a very good chance that a couple will travel home with you. You will feel a tiny bite and an itch from the digestive enzymes they put into your skin. You try to swat them and they jump away unharmed to land in your carpet. Once there a female flea will lay up to 50 eggs per day up to 600 per month. The 4 stage life cycle is metamorphic and very similar to butterflies. The eggs hatch in a few days or a few weeks depending upon environmental factors, the larvae thrive feeding on the fecal matter of the adults which is composed of mostly dried blood. The larvae then form a pupa where they morph into adult fleas to start the cycle all over again.

Treating an area for fleas is difficult. Insecticides will kill the adults and larvae but the eggs will remain until the environment is once again suitable for hatching. The larvae will remain unseen until they emerge as adults. By the time they are noticed by that first bite they have already laid hundreds of eggs in your carpet and upholstered furniture. These eggs are tiny and not sticky so they will fall to the depths of the carpet pile.  So what is the best plan for remediation?

The answer lies with Carpet Doctor inc. of Tampa Fl.  We are experienced in all aspects of the industry, flea infestation is a common part of our diversity.  A carpet cleaner in Tampa Fl, with the right professional equipment travels with a steam cleaner that produces steam at 210 degrees Fahrenheit.  Temperatures in that range will not only kill any adult, larvae or pupa but it will destroy the eggs that are deeply embedded in the pile also.

If you feel a tiny bite and start to itch don’t run to the home center and buy bug spray to saturate your carpet. You will only risk the health of your family and possibly damage your carpet. Call Carpet Doctor of Tampa Fl for a safe and healthy solution.

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