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Deep Clean Is Always Included!

March 6th, 2011

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Tampa Fl, the consumer can be overwhelmed with all the low price carpet cleaning offers.

Most Tampa carpet cleaning low price specials do not include deep clean, ours do!

When you hire Carpet Doctor to clean you carpet we always deep clean your carpet. We do not consider a carpet clean unless it is “Deep Cleaned”

Hire Carpet Doctor to clean your carpet and avoid the high pressure sales tactics of our competition.

When you need a good carpet cleaning in Tampa Florida it is natural to desire the job done to perfection with as little cost as possible. When you hire Carpet Doctor to clean your carpet that is exactly what you will get!

Always Read The Fine Print.

Many of our competitors offer low prices with some interesting fine print “deep clean may cost extra” or my favorite ” Free demostration of our deep clean method” and of course the most common one ” heavily soiled carpets may cost extra” if you ever see fine print like this move on because when the cleaning technician arrives at your home you are going to experience a high pressure sales pitch that will make your head spin.

Carpet Doctor of Tampa Florida will exceed your expectations.

We are the Tampa carpet cleaners that will leave your carpet smelling fresh and looking like the day it was installed. So if you live in Riverview, Brandon, Tampa or any sorrounding area in Florida give us a call and experience true customer service.

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