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Carpet Doctor will clean your mattress

November 25th, 2010

Providing excellent carpet and tile cleaning in Tampa Fl,  is what Carpet Doctor is known for.

Carpet Doctor also excels at mattress cleaning.

So next time you have your carpet cleaned consider having your mattress cleaned as well.

Sleeping with a tiny health hazard

What is half the size of the dot in the question mark at the end of this sentence and is 23 million years old?  Answer: The house dust mite.

House dust mites or Dermatophgoides Pteronyssinius have been hanging out with us in bed, on the couch, in carpeting and on children’s plush toys since these items were created.  In fact they have been our companion for 10.000 years.  Although that are an important part of the ecological cleaning system when in the home they can cause discomfort and illness that often goes undiagnosed.

These tiny creatures have no eyes, no defined breathing system and can’t drink water although moisture is imperative for their survival.  They thrive in warm moist areas like a mattress, frequently used upholstered furniture and even in carpeting especially in warm humid climates. Recent developments have made some mattresses more resistant, like the EMMA mattress who has won the attention of many experts around the world. However, these developments are still quite new and will likely take some time to become mass market.

While dwelling in these environments they feed mostly off the dead flakes of skin that humans constantly shed as do pets. They are scavengers by nature and can feed off many other organic products also, including there own droppings that have enough nourishment to be recycled three times.

It is these droppings that cause health issues for millions of people here in the US and abroad. These tiny particles when disturbed by motion of any kind, from shaking out bedding and rugs to just simply sitting down, fly into the air like a cloud and mix with household dust. If no air motion is present they will settle in about twenty minutes but this will take much longer when there is movement in a room.  These flying particles are then inhaled by unsuspecting people and get into the upper and lower respiratory system.  Once there the same powerful enzymes that the mites use to break down their meals of bits of discarded human skin do the same to the tissues of the nasal passages, bronchial tubes and lungs causing symptoms from mild in some people to chronic and at times even life threatening to a highly allergic asthmatic individual.

Dust mites need a certain temperature and moisture combination to thrive and altering this environment is a key to controlling or even eliminating them.  Placing a plush animal in the deep freezer will destroy a colony but you are not going to put your mattress in the freezer.  Hot sunlight can help but you also would not drag your mattress or carpeting outside. So how do you best eradicate these tiny health hazards that reek havoc with your breathing, especially while you sleep?

Ask your Tampa carpet cleaning professional for help.

Carpet Cleaners in Tampa Fl, have cleaning equipment that produces steam at 210 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be used not only on your carpet but on your mattress and box spring, your upholstered furniture and even that giant Teddy Bear that gets so much of your child’s affection.  Not only will you benefit by the eradication of the mites, all other allergens like pet dander and pollen will be removed also and the finished result will be clean and fresh carpets and upholstery.  That is a three fold benefit.

If you find that you are wheezing or sneezing especially at home at night call your Tampa carpet cleaning professional right away and breathe easier.

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