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Is your A/C drain line a flood waiting to happen?

September 23rd, 2010

A blocked A/C drain line is the number one reason for small floods in homes all around Tampa Bay.

Homeowners should have their A/C drain lines cleaned out once a year.

An air conditioner draws moisture from the air and creates condensation, the condensation travels through a pipe and is drained out side your home.

An A/C drain line will commonly get blocked by algae that builds up in the line. Air conditioners in Tampa Florida work overtime in the summer, creating the perfect environment for algae to grow and clog up your drain line forcing the water back into your home causing a flood.

So the next time you have Carpet Doctor clean your carpet ask us about cleaning out your A/C drain line. Cleaning out your A/C line is quick and affordable, usually between ten to twenty dollars.

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