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Cigarette Burns On Carpet

April 4th, 2012

Back in the old days carpet was flammable and dropping cigarette ash on a carpet could cause a fire.

Carpets that we use today are flame resistant so a dropped ash will melt the carpet but not cause a fire.

We repair cigarette burns on carpet

A good carpet cleaning company will have the skill to do many types of carpet repairs. Cigarette burns are a relatively easy repair to do, only taking a few minutes.

The first step to repairing these types of burn is to cut out the burns all the way to the backing of the carpet.

The second step is the replacing of the fibers with fresh carpet usually from a closet. These fibers are then carefully glued to the backing of the carpet making the burn disappear.

Carpet Doctors cleaning technicians have the ability to do these types of repairs as well as more complicated repairs. The next time you have Carpet Doctor clean your carpet ask us about repairing any damage your carpet might have.

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