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Carpet repairs.

September 21st, 2010

Carpet Doctor can repair all types of carpets.

We are knowledgeable and creative when it comes to carpet repairs.

Carpet Doctor of Tampa Bay will take great care when it comes to any of your carpet repair needs.  Below you will find a list of all our repair services.

Carpet stretching

Does your carpet have wrinkles, bubbles or is it coming away from the wall? We can fix that!

Carpet Patching

If your carpet has holes from burns or areas torn from pets, we will patch them and you will forget they were ever there.

Seam repair

Seams that are separated or falling apart can easily be repaired. We use a seaming iron and seaming tape to restore the seam back its original state.

Berber carpet runs and snag repair

Repairing Berber carpet is a skill that most do not have. Carpet Doctor has the skill to repair any damage that a Berber carpet may have. From a snag to an iron burn we fix them all.

Transition and tack strip installation

We will remove and replace any damaged tack or transition strips. we also can advise our customers of any transition options that might improve the look of their carpet.

Most Tampa carpet cleaners do not have the training to clean and repair your carpets.  Every technician that works for Carpet Doctor is trained in all facets of Carpet cleaning and repairing.

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