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Removing Wax From Your Carpet

February 6th, 2011

So you have a wax spill on your carpet and you want it gone!

You already know who to call for carpet cleaning in Tampa. Does your Tampa Carpet cleaner remove wax?

Carpet Doctor of Tampa Fl can remove any color of wax from your carpet.

Always Use A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company To Remove Wax From Your Carpet

A wax spill on your carpet can be a frustrating eye sore that many people try to remove themselves. This is a bad idea, Some things are ok for the  “do it yourself” person, this is not one.

Removing wax from carpet is not a complicated procedure, it is actually quite easy if done right. Attempting to remove wax the wrong way will leave a permanent color stain on the carpet.

How a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Tampa Fl removes wax.

Carpet Doctor uses a three step procedure to remove wax.

1) We apply a gel to the wax stain that will prevent the dye from bonding with the carpet

2) We transfer the wax from the carpet to a white towel using a steam iron to produce enough heat to melt the wax.

3) We clean the affected area with hot water extraction to remove the gel that has absorbed the dye.

If you live in Tampa, Riverview, Brandon or any surrounding area in Florida call Carpet Doctor for any of your floor cleaning needs.

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