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Deep Clean Is The Only Clean!

November 14th, 2010

Many carpet cleaners in Tampa FL, offer low price specials that do not include “deep clean”.

There is nothing special about a low price carpet cleaning in Tampa Florida if it does not include “deep clean”.

Carpet Doctor of Tampa Bay always includes “deep clean”, after all a carpet is not clean unless it is deep cleaned.

Never hire a Tampa carpet cleaner that charges extra for “deep clean”

Would you tolerate a dentist who quoted a price for teeth cleaning only to raise the price once you are sitting in the chair? I doubt it.

Would you tolerate a lawn cutting service that quotes you a price on the phone to cut your grass only to raise the price stating that your grass is to high once he arrives? I would not.

So why would you tolerate a Tampa carpet cleaning company that raises the price once they get in the door? The answer is: you should not! Send them packing and call a reputable carpet cleaning  service company.

Carpet Doctor inc. includes Deep clean(deep scrub) with every job we do.

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