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A Clean Carpet Makes A Healthy Home.

May 21st, 2011

What are the benefits of a clean carpet in Tampa?

Tampa, Florida, Carpet Cleaning

Having a clean carpet in Tampa is probably more important than in the rest of the country because of the high temperatures in Florida. Maintaining a clean carpet offers many benefits for your home and quality of life. 

A clean carpet is the beginning of a cozy, comfortable home. 

In order to keep your carpet clean and attractive you should have it professionally serviced and deep cleaned on a regular schedule.

There are several benefits to maintaining a clean carpet.

Family’s Health Benefits

The most important benefit of a clean carpet is the possible improvement to your family’s health and improved air quality of the home. 

Many people suffer from allergies and other health problems such as asthma and pollen.  A dirty carpet can be a source for some of these irritants and can make you feel ill or uncomfortable.

Studies have shown that carpets can hold up to eight times their weight in toxins, dust, dirt, and pesticides without any visible sign that something is wrong.

The EPA estimates that 80 percent of human exposure to pesticides occurs indoors.

Scheduling a carpet cleaning online can help to reduce the severity of these allergies. Removing allergens such as dust mites and pet dander during your carpet cleaning may help everyone in your home who suffer from allergies.

By keeping your carpets and rugs clean, you can enjoy cleaner air and the benefits of breathing easier.  

Visitors to Your Home

The visual aspects of a clean carpet are important so that your carpets look as good as possible for visitors entering your home. A clean carpet also provides psychological benefits as the rug can be used to reflect positive meanings that will eventually inspire the people in the house.

A badly maintained carpet can ruin the atmosphere and fresh smell of the whole house, no matter how nice the rest of the house looks or the quality of the furniture.

Financial Benefits

There is also a financial benefit to maintaining a clean carpet. A clean carpet wears less and lasts longer because the soils that erode the fibers are removed.  

Cleaning a carpet regularly increases its life-time giving you the option to change it when you want to in order to improve your home’s value.

“I have been using Carpet Dr for more than 3 yrs. My carpet looks brand new when he is done and smells so fresh. If you think your carpet is old and not good, call Carpet Doctor and they will help you out. I would recommend Carpet Doctor to everyone.
– Julie

The benefits of a clean carpet can have a positive impact on your daily life. Click here now to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment online to begin enjoying these benefits.

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