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Your home is flooded! what next?

October 11th, 2010

A flood in your home can be a very stressful event.

Most carpet cleaners in Tampa offer water removal services.

A basic understanding of water removal procedures will go long way for any homeowner.

Three types of floods

1) clean water

This type of a flood is drinkable water usually from a broken pipe or overflowed baths or sinks.

2) gray water

This is water usually from a toilet, washing machine, dishwasher or even a fish tank.

3) black water

This is water that enters your house from outside. Flooding from storms with heavy rain is usually the cause.

Gray and blackwater are unsanitary and can contain dangerous bacteria. Avoid any contact with this type of water.

Checklist of things to do when you have a flood

1) Determine where the water is coming from, if it is a broken pipe or hot water heater turn the water off to your house.

2) Call a professional water removal company, once on site they will help you determine who else might need to be called, IE plumber, electrician or local utility companies.

3) Protect your valuables, Remove as much of your personal items out of the flooded area.

4) Call your insurance company.

5) For severe flooding make arrangements for a place to stay while the flood damage is being repaired.

Carpet Doctor inc. of Tampa Florida is ready to take care of any Flood damage your home may have. We use Water Claw technology to extract water from your home , the only way a flood should ever be approached. We carry top quality drying equipment for any situation.

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