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Choose Your Candles Wisely

April 10th, 2011

 Carpet Cleaning Tampa Fl, most people do not realize that candles produce a large amount of soot. Soot from candles is fine black particles of carbon produced by incomplete combustion of the wick.

When the soot settles on your carpet and furniture it leaves a black film that the best carpet cleaning companies in Tampa FL will have a hard time removing.

Do not let candle burning ruin your carpet and furniture.

Soot from candle burning will leave black lines along the base boards and make a nice black outline of your furniture.  people who place their computers on the floor will get an unpleasant surprise when they remove the computer and find dark black soot lines where the PC once sat.

Removing soot from carpet can be done but it can be expensive. Most quality carpet cleaners in Tampa Florida can remove the soot but it is a time consuming process.

Candle burning is a part of our lives, We burn candles to set a mood or to make our homes smell like fresh baked apple pies or summer breezes. Carpet Doctor is not suggesting that you never burn candles again, we are suggesting that you buy Soot free candles, Yes they cost a little more but in the end you will save on the headaches of dealing with the soot cleanup that will surely follow. 

Soot free candles can be found at most candle stores or on the internet.

Here is a website that sells soot free candles that we recommend.


They have a nice selection of soot free candles.

Carpet Doctor Inc. is ready to remove any soot on your carpet, our gentle carpet cleaning methods will leave your carpet clean and smelling fresh. We service Tampa, Brandon, Riverview and all surrounding areas in sunny Florida.

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