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October 6th, 2010

Many of our customers throughout the Tampa Bay area inquire about carpet protector.

“Is carpet protector a quality product and is it right for me?”

What is carpet protector

Carpet protector is a chemical that is applied to carpet and creates a barrier that prevents liquid and oil from penetrating into the carpet fibers.

This allows time for a spill to be cleaned up before it becomes a stain.

Scotchgard carpet protector is the brand we use, It is a fluorochemical polymer that is safe and odorless.

Is carpet protector expensive

Yes, professionally applied carpet protector will cost between 10 to 20 dollars per room.

When should I have carpet protector applied

After your carpet has been professionally cleaned. This is the ideal time to have carpet protection applied.

All of our Tampa carpet cleaners are trained to apply Scotchgard carpet protector.

How long does the carpet protection last

Under normal condition carpet protector should last for up to a year, however heavy traffic areas will experience diminished performace much sooner.

Scotchgard carpet protector is an impressive product that will extend the life of your carpet.

If you live in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview or any other surrounding area in Florida give Carpet Doctor a call for any of your flooring needs.

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