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10 Tips to Make Sure Your Carpet Lasts a Lifetime

September 11th, 2010

Cleaning your carpet is important. Taking care of your carpet, and your home, is an investment in your future.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 10 Tips to make sure your carpet lasts a lifetime.

1. Act Quickly When You Have a Spill

Act quickly. Blot the carpet, pushing down on the carpet with a dry white terrycloth towel, then repeat with a damp white towel. Never scrub the carpet; this can damage the carpet.

2. Vacuum

You can never vacuum too much; this will prevent dry soil from becoming a tough stain if moisture gets added into the mix.  Tampa Florida has very high humidity moisture is always an issue.

3. Never Rent a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Worst mistake you can make.  This will Leave a residue in the carpet that will cause rapid soiling. Luckily you live in the Tampa bay area,  you can hire Carpet Doctor at almost the same price as renting one of those machines.

4. Never Use Bleach On a Carpet.

A couple drops of bleach mixed in a gallon of water can damage the color of your carpet. It is best to avoid bleach when it comes to any type of flooring.

5. Keep the Dirt Outside

Keep the path ways leading to your house clean , this will prevent dirt from being tracked into your home.

6. Keep the Air Conditioner On

Tampa has very high humidity, your air conditioner  lowers the humidity in your home. High humidity can cause many health issues related to your carpet. 80 degrees is an ideal temperature to set your air when you are not home.

7. Snip Loose Threads

Always use scissors to cut away any loose threads , never pull them.

8. Limit Candle Burning

Candle burning can destroy your carpet and you will never know until you try to rearrange your  furniture.

9. Designate Eating Areas

The less you eat in carpeted areas the longer your carpet will look and smell great .

10. Choose Your Carpet Cleaner Wisely

Tampa Florida has many carpet cleaning companies to choose from.

Make sure you ask plenty of questions and be an informed consumer. A good carpet cleaner will do what’s best for you, your home, and your investment, not always what’s the most profitable for them.

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